Alanya Yacht Tour
We will sail to the gulf where we will take a fantastic trip by a romantic wooden boat in turquoise coasts and bays in southern shores of Turkey. We will have a lunch with an amazing view which we will watch from the deck. During whole day, we will have opportunity for swimming in beautiful coves and great coasts. In the meantime, we will take pictures of various views and caves. Then, we will turn back to Alanya port and go to our hotels.
Antalya, Waterfalls and Dolphin Show
In the morning, our guests are taken from their hotels and are transported to Karpuz Kaldıran Waterfall. After watching this view in unique beauty for about half an hour, we move to Antalya downtown. After spending free time there, Kurşunlu waterfall, which is another nature wonder, is visited and lunch is offered. Following a journey with 30 minutes, we arrive at Troy Aquland facilities in Belek for watching shows of dolphins. After watching the shows of dolphins whose intelligences and skills are admired by all people, we turn back to our hotel. Our departure will be around 4:30 pm.
Perge-Aspendos- Leaded Waterfall
PERGE : One of the prominent cities of Pamphilia, Perge was established in line with a perfect plan which is envied even by today’s modern city planners. Perge is still the most important ancient excavation site of Mediterranean Region.
ASPENDOS : Referred as “Asitawada” in Hittite epigraphs, history of the city started as an acropolis city in B.C. 3000 years. Just like Perge, it has gained significance as a trade city in B.C. periods due to the fact that Eurymedon brook provides ship transportation.
KURŞUNLU WATERFALL : A wide range of plant species attracts attention in all seasons except for winter in this region referred as Plant Tunnel where Kurşunlu Waterfall is situated.
Diving Tours
After taking a 1 hour tour in Olympos, which is the most important port cities of Ancient Lykia, we will go to Çıralı village near Olympos. We will have opportunity to watch the flames never blinking for thousand years and leakage of natural gas has created in this place that is referred as “Yanartaş” (burning stone) by locals in Çıralı, an interesting nature wonder. For here, we complete our tour by going to Ulupınar for having our lunch.
Diving Tours
There are about 11 important diving points in the vicinity of Antalya province. The fact that there are war vehicles sunken during warfare and having witnessed World War II out of these sunken rocks thrills divers. Diving points in the centre are sea cliffs and Sıçan Island. Availability of a small cave at the east of Sıçan Island is an interesting point for divers. Sea cliffs in the places among Lara and Konyaaltı beaches create curiosity for divers. This daily course is intended for introducing SCUBA diving world for diving enthusiasts who are over 12 years of age. After you receive a basic training from our experienced trainers, you will have an opportunity to dive under the supervision of our trainers in this tour sailed with our boat. You can enjoy taste of unique sun and swimming in Mediterranean waters embellished with the most beautiful tones of the blue in our tours with meal.
Demre-Myra-Kekova Tour
In this tour, you will have an opportunity to see Demre, Myra and Kekova which are one of the important ancient cities leaving its mark in history. In mystic ambiance of historical ancient city, you will feel as you live in those times just like passing from a time tunnel. It is a daily tour which enables you to see Demre rock tombs, Myra Ancient City and Santa Clause church by visiting the most beautiful coves of Mediterranean region. Roman theatre is in well-preserved state in Myra. In Myra, you can see the church which is embellished with partial embossment, remaining from B.C. 4th and 5th centuries and where Saint Nikolaus is buried. Saint Nikolaus lived as custodial boss of shipmen and children. Another summit is the sunken city in the vicinity of Kekova Island. You pass over the ruins of houses, one church and harbour by boat.
Dim Brook
Enchanting location at the end of the road: Dim Brook. Leave your tiredness to cool waters of Dim Brook. When you say Alanya, pearl of the Mediterranean, you can think of scorching hot, air overwhelming with its humid and burning sun at the top of your head. Climate and environment of Dim Brook which is situated in 15 km distance of this overview are such a different ambiance that you can never guess. While your feet are in cool waters, you can eat your luscious salmon trout, you can have a rest in the shades of sycamore, pine and walnut trees. Maybe, you may not resist magic of cool waters and leave yourself inside the brook. Dim Brook is very close to Alanya but its climate is 15 cooler than Alanya and its rate of humidity is zero. At these circumstances, Dim Brook enables you to have a refreshing time where you can rid of overwhelming and muggy weather. Dim Brook sources from a hill called Alakise and you all the time hear its sound of flowing. This brook flows in front of you with its bubbles. Its water is just like ice. Small waterfalls reach the Mediterranean by passing and flowing through vegetation of sycamore, pine, elm, walnut, poplar and oak trees.
Green Kanyon
It is time for having a rest in Green Canyon which is one of the most beautiful bays and lakes of the world. Green Canyon is the name given to the lake over Oymapınar Dam which is the first of two dams situated over Manavgat River. The first dam built over Manavgat River, approximately 93 km length, is the 4th biggest dam of Turkey nowadays. Having its deepest point as 185 m, the dam meets electricity need of Manavgat and neighbouring provinces as well as need of clean water. This magical view will take you another dimension. When you arrive at dam lake in Green Canyon by watching its amazing nature, you journey will continue with boat and it will be fantastic tour. While advancing among rocks of Green Canyon, you can both have a look at enchanting vegetation of Green Canyon and nature integrated with water. Besides, you will be relieved with swimming stopovers in cool waters of dam and you will feel that this Canyon Tour is not only a trip but also a day just like in dreams.
Jeep Safari
You will be informed about tour route and other issues in meeting point arrived following your reception from hotel. Afterwards, it is departed with jeeps. There will several “taking photograph” stopovers which will gain your appreciation with its natural beauties on the way. Here comes a swimming stopover after this entertaining, exciting and at the same time dusty trip. Following lunch, return trip starts. At the end of the tour, our vehicles will take you to your hotels.
Kemer Yacht Tour
We go to Kemer Marina after you are taken from your hotels. We start our trip with our boat at 10:00 am. We will have swimming stopovers in Phaselis, Alacasu and Kiriş Coves. After the swimming stopover in Alacasu Cove, you will have your lunch in the boat. We will return from forest view trip filled with magical greens at 16:30 pm and our guests are taken to their hotels.
Manavgat Yacht Tour
After our guests are picked up from their hotels, we go to Manavgat, which only a few kilometres from Side. We will a Bazaar place where you can find vegetable, fruit, spice types, clothing and all kinds of souvenir stuff. Following our visit in Bazaar place, we will get on our boat and pass over Manavgat River and go to the place where river is mixed with sea. We return to our hotels after luscious lunch, amazing swimming and sunbathing break here.
ATV-QUAD Motor Safari
Guests who have made reservation beforehand for the tour are picked up from their hotels or pre-determined locations and taken to racecourses in forestry terrain at the skirts of Toros Mountains where QUAD-ATV safari will be made. During the tour, there are breaks for taking photographs for exquisite sceneries. A course and briefing are given by a professional guide about ATV quad motor before ATV-SQUAD Safari starts. Equipment necessary for Quad-Atv safari is allocated for the participants and they are ensured that they have got ready for the tour in a state taking all safety measures.
Rafting Tour (Full Day)
Are you ready for experiencing a great adventure within the nature? You will slide over white bubbles of river and splashes of water with Boat in ideal Rafting program for adventurists and nature lovers and you will pass Bridged canyon and you will see nature part in each both sides. Our well-trained and professional rafting guides will escort you. Water, sun, adventure... A lunch with open buffet and barbecue is waiting for you at river shore. You can never find such experiences in any other sport branch. There will no time for boredom since you will be occupied physically and mentally.
*Picking up from hotels
*Journey to meeting point by bus
*Giving information about rafting and equipment supply
*Rafting *Lunch
*Return to hotels by bus.
Tahtali Telpher Tour
You can have an opportunity to have unprecedented sea and nature view at the summit of Tahtalı mountain with Telpher. While you are sipping your drink, you can enjoy breathtaking view of holiday resort and sea. Sea and mountain are very close anymore due to Tahtalı Telpher with a sea view of 11 months as well as unique scenery of Mediterranean Region. Tahtalı Telpher offers you entertainment and thrill in high quality. 7.5 km climbing is an excellent opportunity for you to watch breathtaking view of national park pine forests. Visit made to the summit by watching valleys and wild animals, steep and rugged slopes situated over clouds, wild forest and unique ground cedar trees with Olympos Telpher where safety and security are of utmost care and is located in one of the most beautiful National parks of the world will have guests experience unforgettable moments.
Aquapark and Dolphin Shows
Troy Aqua & Dolphinarium will attract you the world of entertainment with impressiveness of history with its peculiar concept of ordinary game parks. While making most of the moments of the biggest adventures of mythology with lost cities, legends, mysterious caves and towers, you will get to know exhilarated world of the water because of unique rivers, pools and slides. It is time for water game park full of surprises with enchanting ambiance sheltering all natural beauties of Belek site within Redwood and Pistachio forests. Here, you are welcome in domed reception of Priams Tower and you start to entertain with 2 slides of 100 meters called Hera and Zeus from tower balls of the part over 20 m after going in changing rooms among pillars. You can be close to the dolphins whose intelligences and skills are admired by all people just like in your dreams!... The moments which you will pass in the pools with dolphins will be instants which you will never forget throughout your lifetime.