Known as capital of the capitals, Istanbul was the capital city of Roman Empire, then Byzantine Empire and lastly Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is both preserving splendour of past with pride and advancing towards a modern and contemporary future. When you just lean back at Bosphorus shore, you will watch reflection of glowing colours towards windows of the houses at opposite shore and you will perceive why human beings chose this extraordinary place many years ago and you will ultimately feel that Istanbul is the city which is the “centre of the world”.
Çeşme is a lovely holiday resort embracing warm healing waters, extraordinary quality sand, sun and serenity. Çeşme was established at the very edge of peninsula carrying its own name at 94 km west of Izmir. Shipmen name it as small port. It is called Çeşme because of the fountains where increasing waters are flowing like an ice. At the east of Çeşme which is the port of Erhthrai, Ion city at 15 km north, it is known that it was a small settlement area in the years of B.C. 1000 in Kalemburnu.
At 71 km distance to Aydın city centre, it is situated in coastal strip where Aegean Region meets with the sea. Bordered with Dilek Peninsula at the south and Selçuk and Pamukçak at the north, city centre lies in the focus of important touristic centres such as Ephesus, The Virgin Mary, Milet, Didim, Pamukkale, Marmaris and Bodrum. Since Kuşadası Port is close to Samos Island of Greece, it is second sea door of Turkey for incoming tourists.
Today, Bodrum has incorporated all elements for which are expected from a holiday resort and it is a favourite and important tourism centre where you can enjoy yourself in both winter and summer seasons. It has unique facilities meeting expectations of the people from all walks of life such as rich yachters coming from all around the world and the people desiring to pass a long inexpensive holiday in a pension with their limited budget. Bodrum was a cradle to many civilizations in the past.
Marmaris is a place from paradise where you can observe all tones of blue and green in twelve months of a year. It is a paradise district due to multitude of bays in long coastal strip, its’ being a natural port, vicinity to ancient cities, its natural beauties, facilities of blue cruise, modern yacht ports, facility of gulf for every kind of water sports, availability of hotels from five stars to modest pensions. Known with its fishery, sponge fishing and aromatic and fragrant herbs, today, Marmaris has become a touristic centre.
“Untouched virgin of the land of lights”, Fethiye is situated in a cove open to the north surrounded with pine wood in Fethiye bay where large and small islands are scattered in Mediterranean Sea. It climbs down from rock tombs and tower to a plain and from Karagözler to the sea. Its horizon is made up of island of knights, Günlükbarı and opposite mountains. Fethiye has been recognized with its Persian, Lycian, Carian and Roman works. It is one of the most important touristic centres in Turkey with its cultural richness, natural beauties and its unique geography.
Antalya The Pergamon King, II. Aktalos, commands his invaders to find the paradise of the land. With the command of the King, invaders set off and search for everywhere and lastly when they come to the place where Antalya is found, they look around and they say “We have found the paradise”. “Attalia” is the city which was established in that day and this city will make you feel the paradise. Alanya, Side, Manavgat, Kemer, Kaş, Finike, Serik, Demre (Kale) and other exquisite places extending along Antalya coast are waiting for you for your memorable holiday.
Kemer is an important tourism centre with its accommodation, food-drink and beach facilities where blue and green come together as well as marinas and historical cities. Availability of ancient cities such as Phaselis, Olympos as historical places is another attraction. You can access such sites via land and sea transportation. In addition to this, there are attractive caves. Beldibi Cave is near the sea shore at 27 km south west of Antalya. Here, there are ruins belonging to prehistoric ages.
Alanya is an excellent holiday centre with its large beaches, historical works, modern hotel and motels, numerous fish restaurants, cafés and bars. New comers firstly encounter with gorgeous Seljuk Tower which has survived since 13th century and built like a crown over Alanya Peninsula. As well as charming tower, it is worth seeing octagonal Red Tower in monumental beauty and unique dockyard.
Belek, which has become one of the most popular holiday centres of Turkey in recent times, is welcoming thousand of guests each year with its motto “changing face of tourism”. Belek ranks among first choices of holiday makers with its vegetation comprised of pine and pistachio forests, attractive facilities with golf sites and long and large coast with famous beaches.
Manavgat, which is a district of Antalya, is a tourism centre where all kinds of touristic activities are done in a place mixed with history and nature. “Side” means “Pomegranate” in Anatolian language. This characteristics as well as information obtained from some epigraphs found in some documents indicate that history of Side dates back until Hittites.
Cappadocia is a place where nature and history meets beautifully. While geographical phenomena create chimney rocks, people carved houses and churches inside the chimney rocks and embellished them frescos and carried traces of thousand years’ civilization to our times.